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Fifo Workers

The most important aspect of FIFO investing is tax deduction. We understand your free time is precious and minimising your tax should be your number one priority. We come to you wherever you are so that your fly out time is spent with family and friends and not spent searching for property.

How Much Can I Borrow?

Need some help setting a budget for your new property or development? We can help get you pre approved. Talk to one of our expert consultants about obtaining the best advice.

Property Appraisals

Thinking of selling your home or property? First thing to do is obtain a free current market appraisal to inform you of the potential market conditions and expected market value.

Real Estate News

Keep up to date with the ever changing Queensland Market place here. Click the link to find weekly updates of the most important real estate market news and predictions.

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"Living in Sydney, the extra confidence they gave me made my decisions easy"
Mark Wolfe
"The project was managed from start to finish and each townhouse was sold for $10,000 above the original Feasibility."​
Sean Melenewycz